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Others can reach you
In order to let others reach your computer on the internet, their computer needs to know the Internet Protocol(IP ) of your computer.
Know your location
An IP address can be used to tell, from which country and sometimes even city, your comptuer is connected, this helps online service providers tell weather you are eligible for their service or not.
You can provide online services
Just like was pointed in reason 1, in order for others to connect to your comptuer and get services(this could be things such as, a website , a game server and more)

Dynamic DNS

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No more numbers!
A dynamic DNS is a feature which lets home users avoid the hassles involved in using the hard-to-remember IP Addresses by letting you use a name instead(such as duckip.info, which will always point to the right ip).
What is so special?
Some home users usually have an ip address which is constantly changing, that is, ISPS keep rotating different addresses amongst all of their clients, the problem that arises can be such as: the ip you gave your friend yesterday, might not point to you(or anywhere for that matter) anymore because your ip might have changed.
Very useful
Imagine, beeing able to access your home comptuers no matter where you are, by simpley pointing your programs at a name(rather than an IP) which always points at the right IP destination and loads what ever it is you got hosted on your home computers.